Meet Kieran

Name: Kieran Klomp

Your role: Analyst, Reporting

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I’m originally from a relatively small town in country Victoria called Portland and I came to Melbourne for university seven years ago. I persevered through three semesters of a Bachelor of Science and decided that studying was not my cup of tea. I spent some time at Grill’d, travelling around the country helping to open new restaurants. I had a brief stint as a travel agent and then joined NAB in Direct Consumer Servicing almost two years ago. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did! I’m now in Customer Journeys and I am so glad I have chosen to build my career at NAB.

How have you made a difference?

When I was helping customers over the phone, I was speaking to as many as 70 people a day with an aim to make them a NABvocate after their experience with me. I am lucky enough to currently be working on one of our Customer Journeys. I came in as a Direct SME (Subject Matter Expert) to help the Journey with banker and customer insights to shape the initiatives we were delivering. It is a great feeling to see initiatives come to fruition and know that we are making it easier for both our customers and bankers.

What are you passionate about?

I like to make sure that I treat myself. At the end of the day no one will love you as much as you love yourself, although my cat does seem to love me unconditionally! I like to think of myself as a burger connoisseur and a fan of Netflix.

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