Meet Kimberly

Name: Kimberly Oh

Your role: Senior Consultant, AONP Reporting & Investment Management

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

At the tender age of five inside a toy store, I pulled on my Dad’s shirt, “Daddy, can we please buy the cash register and paper money?” With a fascination for money, I grew to love accounting, business, commerce, economics and finance. After testing the waters in various industries from advisory, FMCG and consulting in global companies, I joined NAB’s graduate program five years ago – a decision as if set in the stars.

I’ve had experiences across finance, business banking, strategy and transformation. I’ve been exposed to admirable senior leaders, supportive people leaders, compassionate colleagues and have made life-long friendships along the way. NAB is at the core of my career milestones and achievements, learnings and celebrations. Moving out of home and migrating countries by myself at 17 was a significant milestone in my life, and having my team to proudly call my work family has really supported my mental health.

How have you made a difference?

As we accelerate our One NAB Plan, I am committed to staying true to building a better bank. I have lived our values and behaviours and always think of how outcomes will impact our customers, whether it will be positive or negative. I continue to encourage our leaders to face into harsh realities and tough conversations. I am always up for a challenge to solve a problem, from being largely involved to simply assisting with building connections. I also encourage everyone to live our values as success isn’t achieved by one person but by the masses, because working together makes all the difference.

What are you passionate about?

We’ve come a long way in 18 months when we launched our transformation work. From cultural changes when we launched our new vision, values and behaviours through to external pressures as a result of economic changes, and community expectations supporting a change in thinking, perspectives and focus. These learnings have tested us, challenged us, helped us evolve and undoubtedly made us stronger and better. I’m excited to see what the future holds. I believe that together, we have what it takes to succeed for our customers.

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