Meet Lisa

Name: Lisa Hilsley

Your role: Service Advisor, Contact Centre

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I was born and bred in a country town in Gippsland. I studied and pursued a career in hospitality and can make a mean Goulash! To further develop my skills, I moved to Melbourne to seek new opportunities but soon realised hospitality wasn’t the path I wanted to follow. When I was feeling lost with no direction, a friend told me that NAB was hiring. NAB helped me find my true passion, which is being there for people when it really matters.

How have you made a difference?

I speak to over 50 people a day, sometimes enquires are simple and sometimes they’re more difficult. I always make sure that whatever may be causing our customers stress is resolved. I will always find a way to make sure it’s as easy as possible for our customers. On one occasion, I was contacted by a customer who had been stuck overseas without a card or access to Internet Banking. I made sure he got a new card and helped reset his password to use NAB Pay. When he returned to Australia months later he made sure anyone who would listen knew that I had helped him, and that really made my day knowing that I had made a difference in his life.

What are you passionate about?

We’re all customers, we’re all human. We’ve all been there when we’ve felt let down and like nobody cares about the issues that we’ve having. Everyone deserves to feel listened to and feel like someone cares and understands how they’re feeling, whether it’s something in their day to day life or if it is something that’s happened with their banking. I’m passionate not just about helping people with their banking, but also making sure at the end of the conversation they have a smile on their face.

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