Meet Megan

Name: Megan Dyson

Your role: Branch Manager, Hamilton, New South Wales

Region: Hamilton, New South Wales

What’s your story?

I have been with NAB for 32 years and have seen so many changes which is always new and exciting. Working as a Branch Manager in retail gives me so much to be proud of. I work with amazing people who inspire me every day to be the best I can and I lead others to do the same, to deliver world class customer service and make a true difference in people’s lives.

How have you made a difference?

By working closely with my team, being collaborative, identifying areas of improvement, succession planning and making sure the right people are in the right roles. My team is successful and happy and this flows through to our customers. I love to get out on the floor and talk to everyone coming into the branch, or sit down with our home lenders to discuss how we can make something work for our potential borrowers. Being at the ‘coal face’ allows us to really get to know our customers, and it gives me so much satisfaction to know that we make people happy and help them to achieve their goals. I’m like a proud mother when I receive compliments about my team or I see them being thanked for their exceptional service.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about all things people, helping, guiding, coaching; it’s what I love to do. My other passion is my family and friends. I have two wonderful children, who are successful in their own right and are making their own difference. I have a fabulous circle of friends who share the same passion of good food, good wine and lovely long summer days.

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