Meet Rosslyn and Christine

Names: Rosslyn and Christine

Your role: Rosslyn, Branch Manager, and Christine, Customer Advisor

Region: Woodenbong, New South Wales

What’s your story?

On the 24th of October this year, the Woodenbong Branch celebrate it's 85th birthday. I started at NAB in 1977, 40 years ago, and Christine started at the bank 30 years ago.

Christine and I knew each other before commencing school as our fathers worked together, we have been friends our whole lives.

We have worked in the same NAB branch Woodenbong-Urbenville for our entire banking careers - 70 years between two staff members!

We have both lived in Woodenbong all our lives and have a passion for our community. Working for NAB has enabled us to support our community in many ways. Through sponsorships, volunteer days and merchandise.

It has been wonderful watching and assisting customers. From opening their first accounts, leaving school, buying their first car and then their first homes. We have also assisted many with starting their businesses.

Many of our customers have had to leave the area for employment but they are still our customers, they are spread all over Australia and still ring us. This is what working at NAB is all about.

We are a small community but to stand back now and see how we have backed our customers we can take pride in what we have enabled them to become.

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