Meet Sarah-Jayne

Name: Sarah-Jayne Hawkes

Your role: Lead, Advantedge Fulfilment

Region: Melbourne, Victoria

What’s your story?

I moved to Melbourne from Perth eight years ago in hope of finding a career as a 19-year-old; it’s extremely confronting moving away from everything you know, including your family. Three months in and still no job, I was about to book a ticket back home when I was lucky enough to get an interview with NAB – the rest is history and now NAB and Melbourne are home. My whole career has been in fulfilment operations teams and for the last year and a half I have had the opportunity to lead a number of fulfilment teams at Advantedge.

Operations is my passion and happy place. I get a real buzz seeing people grow and listening to the amazing conversations they have with our customers. Being able to run the Advantedge contact centre has really helped me step out of my comfort zone. It was really scary at first but has been extremely rewarding to see our customer NPS grow and the journey we have been on.

How have you made a difference?

Improving our customers’ experience has been a major focus for me this past year. One of the initiatives that I introduced in Advantedge is a ‘welcome call’ to our customers after they settle their home loan. Settlement is a huge milestone in our customers’ lives so it is important that we get this right and make them feel comfortable after such a huge commitment. These calls have reduced the gap in customers’ knowledge of the services we offer post settlement as well as our online banking platform. I’m so proud of how the calls have been received by our customers and the impact it is having on a huge milestone in their life.

What are you passionate about?

Over the last two years I have been on a huge health journey loosing 25kg in just a year. I am passionate about continuing to live a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others who are wanting to make a change too.

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