Meet Sharon

Name: Sharon Rego

Your role: Senior Associate, Structured Finance Services

Region: Melbourne, Victoria

What’s your story?

Mine is a seemingly common story - I came to Australia to complete my higher education, and did a dual Master’s degree in finance and business. I decided to stay on to get my permanent residency and a job in the banking and finance industry. I’ve now been at NAB for five years and am loving every day of it.

How have you made a difference?

I always strive to learn new things, whether it is the clients I work with or the securitisation area that I work in. Gaining this knowledge helps me assist our internal and external stakeholders better by understanding the deals/transactions, to get a better outcome for both the client and NAB.

What are you passionate about?

Apart from my passion for volunteering at various places through the NAB Volunteering Program, I also love to travel. I mostly travel just to see new places, but sometimes I also decide to live there for a while. So far I’ve moved two continents, three countries and five cities with Melbourne being the most recent city. Who knows where the next travel bug bite will take me?

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