Meet Shellie

Name: Shellie Joyce

Your role: Consultant, Marketing Operations

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I worked in Asset Servicing at NAB for a number of years, before deciding on a career change (into the support space) and left the bank to pursue it. A few years (and a retrenchment) later, I found myself back at NAB as a Personal Assistant. I am now working in Marketing Operations, supporting the Marketing team in things like our financial management.

How have you made a difference?

I am a proud employee of NAB – the support, opportunities and benefits that NAB offers us are almost unparalleled. The problem that I saw is that these opportunities can be hard to find, especially for new people. Most of the information was available somewhere but finding their location was tricky. I wrote a welcome guide for marketing – a booklet that introduces new starters to our “who’s who” and shows how to navigate things like our technology, people, work environments and access employee benefits.

This guide is given to new starters in marketing on their first day, together with a smiley badge that is our shorthand for “I am new … say hello!” to make the start of their NAB journey an easier, and more enjoyable one.

Recently, the welcome guide that I wrote has been picked up by other areas around the whole bank!

What are you passionate about?

In short, I’m passionate about inclusion. Opportunities for employment, advancement and entertainment have never really been a struggle for me. I would like to live in a world where everyone can say the same, in which inclusion becomes something we don’t even think about – because being “inclusive” implies a recognition that someone else is different and therefore needs to be included, which in itself implies a lack of inclusivity.

After having an amazing experience volunteering at the Special Olympics National Games in Adelaide, I decided to volunteer at my local Special Olympics athletics club where fantastic athletes, who might not otherwise have had the opportunity, get a chance to compete at local, regional, national and even international levels in a wide range of sports. The Special Olympics athletes oath is “Let me win. But if I can’t win, let me be brave in the attempt”. This represents to me the best real-world application I have seen of the NAB purpose – and why I am just so proud to be a part of the enterprise.

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