Meet Syed

Name: Syed Galini

Your role: Analyst, Mortgage Writer

Region: Mount Waverly, Victoria

What’s your story?

I started my journey with NAB a little over five years ago and worked within different departments ranging from Credit Assessment to Quality Assurance. Previous to NAB, I worked in similar roles at ANZ and WBC for over nine years. My experience from these roles has allowed me to identify risks and take the right steps to mitigate/eliminate those risks, and to implement appropriate measures to protect both the customer and the bank to the best of my ability. I would describe myself as a self-starter with a visual perception and a creative mindset who enjoys problem solving and thinking outside the box. I have applied these skills in my day-to-day role which has allowed me to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Outside of work, my hobbies in electronics has stemmed from my degree in Computer Science and two Advanced Diplomas in Information Systems and Electronic Media. I also completed a Diploma as a certified customer professional from the Customer Service Institute of Australia.

How have you made a difference?

I have a strong willingness to learn and help others. When a team member is in doubt or has a question they are unsure of, I always make it a priority to help answer their questions right away. If I’m unable to, I will go above and beyond to find the answer.

When there are new learnings, I always ensure I share these best practices so we can achieve optimal results as a team. I believe sharing knowledge with the team allows us to grow and develop our skills, which in turn enables us to provide the customer with a quicker decision and makes the process more efficient overall. When we support each other by sharing our best practices, we are able to better embody the NAB values. I believe by practicing the values of being ‘bold’ and ‘doing the right thing’ I have built trust between bankers and my team members, and have been recognised by my lead for achieving the best outcome.

What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about providing exceptional service to our bankers and customers in my role at NAB. Outside of work I am passionate about living life to the fullest. I enjoy spending time and travelling with my family. I also enjoy exploring the sea life and winding down by going for a swim!

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