Meet Vanessa

Name: Vanessa Berry

Your role: Advisor, Business Support

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I grew up with two loving parents, who supported my older sister, brother and me throughout our school years and into adult life. In high school, maths was my favourite subject and I always knew I would have a career working with numbers or in finance. I was heading towards being an accountant but in year 12 things changed and I wasn't sure if accounting was for me. So once I finished high school I did a few office administration traineeships, one of them with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. This particular role had an impact on me as seeing the way the firefighters conducted themselves with their daily tasks to prepare for a call and after a call encouraged me to think of others/customers. I now apply that approach to my work and with customers, so their experience in banking is a positive one. My banking career started at Westpac in 1998. Fast forward 15 years, I now work in NAB’s Settlements Preparation team for Business Fulfilment after starting in the Small Business team at NAB in 2013.

How have you made a difference?

I walk into work every day thinking of myself as a customer. How I would want to be treated and what my priorities would be. My people leader tells me I do what needs to be done, following processes and trying to expand on this as well as finding out who needs to action the request, if I am unable to (for me saying I can’t is not good enough). I train and encourage fellow team members to take this approach and to place themselves in the customer’s shoes. I look at what will benefit the customer and try to maintain their expectations. I continuously work to look into any processes that could be changed or improved for customers. I move forward with change and keep up-to-date with my team’s processes, updating work instructions which make for a consistence experience to answer queries and ensure new members are being trained, and other colleagues are cross trained, correctly.

I have become a key point of contact for not only the bankers but for fellow teams within Fulfilment. In my line of work, our bankers are my customers. Communication is important, so I tend to pick up the phone and call bankers, not just send emails. This establishes a personal connection and gives us both a better understanding of what is required. In the end this will make for a better customer experience.

What are you passionate about?

In my professional life, I am passionate about quality of work and getting it right the first time to ensure a customer’s experience allows them to walk away feeling confident with NAB. We all have control on how we present ourselves and our work, and I like to take pride in that. On a personal note I do love my AFL footy. I barrack for Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs in the AFLW (I didn't get much of a say in this one as my niece plays for them). I enjoy spending time with my family, especially all my nieces and nephews, hearing their stories about their day or what is coming up for them. However, time with my parents is what I enjoy the most, whether it’s play cards with my mum (who thinks I cheat) or discussing all things cars with dad while watching the car racing. When I want some alone time, nothing beats curling up on a couch with a good book.

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