Our security measures

Keeping your money safe is our number one priority. Your NAB card uses the latest security technology to help protect you from fraud and theft.

We also monitor transactions to help minimise fraud. Where we identify transactions that we believe are suspicious, we’ll let you know and investigate them for you. We may also need to block your card until we can confirm the transaction with you.

NAB Defence

When you use your debit, Visa debit or Visa credit card, NAB Defence may protect you from losses resulting from fraudulent transactions on your card.

To make sure you’re covered by NAB Defence, it’s important you’ve taken the right steps to keep your cards, devices and secure information safe, as outlined in the NAB Electronic Banking (card based) terms and conditions. You should also contact us immediately if you find transactions you haven’t authorised.

Tips to keep your cards secure

Here are some ways you can play your part in keeping your debit, Visa debit and credit cards safe.

PIN, signatures and contact details

  • Sign your new card when it arrives.
  • Use the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking to activate your card and select a new PIN.
  • Destroy expired or unwanted cards properly by cutting through the signature and magnetic strip.
  • Never write down your PIN.
  • If you change your PIN, avoid choosing obvious numbers like your date of birth or the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Never give your credit card to anyone, even family or friends. If needed, you can apply for an additional card.
  • Make sure you keep your contact details up-to-date so we can contact you quickly if we detect suspicious transactions.
  • Use the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking to notify us before you travel overseas.

Using ATMs and EFTPOS

  • When making purchases, never lose sight of your card to reduce the chance of someone ‘skimming’ your details, i.e. using a device to copy the details from your card.
  • Look out for suspicious devices on ATMs or keypads.
  • Watch for people looking over your shoulder while using the ATM or key pad.
  • Cover the key pad when entering your PIN.
  • Keep your receipts and check them against your statement. If you don’t recognise a transaction, you can lodge a dispute.
  • Read and learn more about ATM security.

Shopping online

  • Only shop online at secure websites. Look for the padlock symbol before entering personal information.
  • Check the site you’re using is reputable. If you’re unsure about using the site, contact the merchant and ask about their security measures.
  • Ensure the computer you’re using has current anti-virus and firewall protection.
  • Print out online receipts to check against your statements.
  • Consider using Online Secure which offers extra card security when you shop online at participating retailers for no additional cost.
  • Read more about shopping and banking safely online.

Lost or stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you can block your card immediately:

Other security resources

Visit our security hub for more helpful information about scams, fraud and cyber safety.

Terms and Conditions

Read about your obligations when using electronic banking. NAB Electronic Banking (cards-based) Terms and Conditions (PDF, 207KB), opens in new window.