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NAB Charitable Giving Index

Provided the NAB Charitable Giving Index since 2012.

NAB Charitable Giving Index

Receive in excess of 3,000 visitors to the report.

NAB Charitable Giving Index

Report on up to 2 million non-cash transactions per day.

Why is this important?

We share our market insights and research to support our customers and community groups reach their goals. Access to current data about charitable giving in Australia is critical to help build targeted and effective fundraising campaigns.

What do we do?

NAB Charitable Giving Index

Created in partnership with Quantium, the NAB Charitable Giving Index is an insights report based on up to 2 million non-cash transactions per day, scaled up to replicate the broader economy. The index provides a state specific snapshot of giving across the Australian economy and helps community groups and not-for-profits better understand their audiences, target core fundraising activities and identify new opportunities for growth.

According to the 2018 Index, the causes and charities Australians are most passionate about are:

  • humanitarian services charities (30% of all donations)
  • health and disability charities (13% of all donations)
  • charitable lotteries (20% of all donations)
  • community service and children/family charities (10% of all donations)
  • cancer charities (9% of all donations)
  • animals and environment (7% of all donations)
  • other charities (7% of all donations)
  • medical research (4% of all donations)

Read the 2018 NAB Charitable Giving Report.

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