A few key insights

Financial security

33.9% of Australian adults are financially secure.

Financial stress

66.1% of Australian adults are facing some level of financial stress or vulnerability.

One in ten people.

Have no savings at all.

Why is this important?

We’re committed to supporting vulnerable Australians to achieve financial health. Our financial resilience research provides key insights into people’s financial situations and the resources they have to protect themselves in times of financial hardship.

What we do

We conducted a study to look at the financial stress and vulnerability of the Australian population.

Our Financial Resilience Research Report looks at the financial state of the Australian population, and identifies four key resources needed to increase financial resilience: economic resources, financial products and services, financial knowledge and behaviour, and social capital.

This research has helped us to better understand our customers and inform the development of our financial inclusion programs to assist those most vulnerable.

We have a dedicated team ready to support our customers when they’re experiencing financial hardship

Around 2.1 million Australians are experiencing high or severe financial stress. We’re supporting customers through our world-leading microfinance programs and our hardship team, NAB Assist.

In 2019 we developed a Customer Vulnerability Framework that outlines a variety of initiatives that aim to improve understanding and support for customers experiencing vulnerability, and provide inclusive banking services.

We've set clear goals through our Financial Inclusion Action Plan

There are approximately 2.7 million Australians who are fully or severely financially excluded. This means they struggle to access mainstream banking products and services. We believe this is unacceptable and want to make banking more accessible.

Our 2017 Financial Inclusion Action Plan detailed 30 activities we’re taking to tackle financial exclusion and improve the financial resilience of our customers and the community, especially people on low incomes.

We and 11 other organisations have joined the Financial Inclusion Action Plan program developed by Good Shepherd Microfinance and partners EY, Centre for Social Impact and the Australian Government.

Want more information?

For further resources on Financial Inclusion and Resilience in Australia, please go to our resources library.

Discover more

Small loans

We believe it’s important for all Australians to have financial opportunities. That’s why we offer loans and other financial help to people excluded from mainstream finance.

Hardship assistance

Our dedicated NAB Assist team helps customers who are struggling to make their repayments, and works with partner agencies to address the root causes of financial hardship.

Performance and reporting

Our Annual Reporting suite provides an overview of our corporate responsibility strategy and performance.

Impact measurement

We measure the value we’re returning to the community so we can make the most of our investment.