Benefits and features

Make your deposit yours

  • Choose the order and length of your fixed and floating rate periods.
  • Structure your deposit based on your own interest rate view.
  • Deposit a minimum of $100,000 over a term of one to five years.
  • Choose how often you receive interest payments and have your floating rate reset – monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Safety and security

  • Locking in a fixed rate and floating rate margin means more certainty.
  • Like other NAB deposits, your NAB Flexi Deposit is a liability of one of Australia’s key financial institutions.

Potential for better than expected returns

  • You have the potential, depending on market conditions, to earn a higher interest rate than you would have earned if you had a standard fixed term deposit of the same term and principal.

Diversify your portfolio

  • A NAB Flexi Deposit can help to diversify your investment portfolio and provides you with an alternative to traditional term deposits.

Rates and fees

  • $0 establishment fee.
  • $0 ongoing fee.

Important information

Business tips

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Payments and merchants

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NAB Foreign Currency Term Deposit

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NAB Connect

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