Our range of small business tools, templates and calculators to help you plan and manage your business finances.

Cash flow tools and templates

Get a better understanding of your cash flow numbers and uncover opportunities to help improve the running of your business.

Business viability tools and calculators

Business analysis tools

Enter your previous sales figures to help you create a sales forecast and quickly produce a line graph to visually display your monthly trends.

Keep on top of your current financial situation by working out the financial ratios of your business, including Return on Owner’s Equity.

Budgeting tools

Work out your expected sales revenue to calculate your profit potential and help you complete your cash flow forecast.

Calculate how much extra profit your business could make. By entering a few financial details you can discover possible ways of increasing your profit.

A simple tool to work out how much you need to sell in order to achieve your desired financial return.

Marketing templates

A good marketing plan helps you understand the market you're targeting and design products and services that have the right appeal. The longer you're in business, the more you can improve your plan. Start with our marketing plan template.

Get your marketing activities off the ground by creating a marketing budget and timeline. Select your preferred method, promotional activity and timing to create a plan for the year ahead.

Debt collection and management templates

Help minimise your bad debtors by completing a credit check on new customers. Customise this template to suit your business.

Follow up overdue payments with an informal but effectiveo message. Customise these templates to suit your needs.

Follow up overdue payments with an informal but effective letter. Customise these templates to suit your needs.

Recruitment guides

A handy step-by-step plan to guide you through the recruitment process and help find the right person for your business.

A useful tool to help you ask the right questions during an interview and record the applicant’s responses. Customise the template with questions appropriate to the role and your business.

Business tips

Starting out

Starting out

Starting a small business? These tips, tools and customer case studies will help you take the first important steps to success.



Considering overseas expansion or simply need the right equipment financing? Our guides offer great advice on growing your business.



Tips and tools to help you keep your business running profitably, from writing a business plan to managing cash flow and tax.

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