Here's what you get:

  • The certainty of a fixed interest rate. 

  • Interest paid in the same currency as your deposit

  • The choice of making deposits in a range of foreign currencies 

  • A variety of deposit terms, up to and including 365 days. 


  • The minimum investment is AUD$100,000 equivalent

Benefits & Features

Earn interest

Enjoy the certainty of a fixed interest rate that's paid in the same currency as your deposit.

$0 No monthly fee

It's your money – keep the extra cash for something else. 

A range of currencies

You get the choice of making deposits in a range of foreign currencies. 

Rates and fees

  • $0 monthly service fee.
  • We calculate interest daily.


Foreign Currency Term Deposits
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NAB Foreign Currency Account

A transaction account designed for customers who frequently make or receive payments in a foreign currency, allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily.

NAB Term Deposit

Invest your surplus funds in a term deposit and earn interest with a secure return.

International and foreign exchange

If you’re in the business of importing or exporting, you need to manage the risk of dealing with foreign exchange. Our foreign currency accounts, international payment options and trade finance can all help.

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