Benefits and features

Flexible options

  • Invest a minimum of $50,000 per deposit.
  • Choose a term from one to ten years.
  • Link your principal to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Access inflation-adjusted returns

  • Access inflation-adjusted returns on your deposit by receiving interest payments and, if you choose to, a principal inflation adjustment linked to the CPI.

Protect your purchasing power

  • Protect the purchasing power of your interest income and, if you choose to, principal against changes in the CPI.
  • Like other NAB deposits, your NAB Inflation Deposit is a liability of one of Australia’s key financial institutions.

Potential for better than expected returns

  • You have the potential, depending on market conditions, to earn a higher interest rate than you would have earned if you had a standard fixed term deposit of the same term and principal.

Rates and fees

  • $0 establishment fee.
  • $0 ongoing fee.

Important information

  • To understand more about this product please read the Product Disclosure Statement NAB Tailored Deposits PDS (PDF, 784kb).
  • To apply for a NAB Inflation Deposit you must complete the application form and authority attached to the PDS and provide it to your NAB Relationship Manager.
  • The NAB Inflation Deposit is a deposit which cannot be withdrawn before maturity except in exceptional circumstances and at NAB’s discretion.

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