Benefits and features

Financial stability and peace of mind

  • Your interest rate and payment stream are locked in at the start of the term.
  • Like other NAB deposits, your NAB Tailored Income Deposit is a liability of one of Australia’s key financial institutions.

Diversify your portfolio

  • Add fixed interest diversification to your investment portfolio. So you’ll benefit from stability and protect against market risk.

Tailor your payments to suit you

  • Invest a minimum of $50,000.
  • Choose the length of your investment from one to ten years.
  • Select how often you would like to receive payments, either monthly or quarterly.

Rest easy with an assured and secure option

  • Payments don’t react to share market performance or RBA interest rate decisions.
  • Set up your payment stream to match your cash flow requirements.

Rates and fees

  • $0 establishment fee.
  • $0 ongoing fee.

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