Benefits and features

Here's what you get with a NAB Floating Deposit account and how it may benefit your business.

Rising returns in line with rising rates

  • Interest return is based on a floating reference rate plus a fixed margin. The reference rate is the Bank Bill Swap (BBSW) Benchmark Rate, a widely used reference rate by banks.

  • Interest return is adjusted each period to align with relevant interest rate movements. So you’ve got the potential for better returns, compared to an equivalent standard fixed term deposit.

Tailor your terms to suit you

  • Invest a minimum of $100,000.

  • Choose your length of investment from 6 months to 5 years.

  • Decide if you want to receive monthly, quarterly or semi-annual interest. Note that reference rate resets will follow the same frequency.

Have safety and certainty

  • Margin is fixed over the deposit term.

  • Like other NAB deposits, your NAB Floating Deposit is a liability of one of Australia's key financial institutions.

Fees and charges

Establishment fee

$ 0

Ongoing fees

$ 0

Ready to apply?

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NAB Floating Deposit

NAB Floating Deposit

NAB Floating Deposit

NAB Floating Deposit

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Terms and Conditions

To understand more about this product please read the NAB Tailored Deposits Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 473KB), opens in new window

To apply for a NAB Floating Deposit you must complete the NAB Tailored Deposits Application Form and Authority (PDF, 353KB), opens in new window and provide it to your NAB Relationship Manager.

The NAB Floating Deposit is a deposit which cannot be withdrawn before maturity except in exceptional circumstances and at NAB’s discretion.