Features and Benefits


Deposits will be securely held in an Escrow account until you request a release of funds, provided no dispute is raised within the specified timeframe.

Credit risk management

A digital solution to improve timeliness and certainty of client payments.


Speed up client payments by sending reminders via the NAB Escrow portal.

User management

Authorise your law clerks and office administrators to operate the NAB Escrow Service on your behalf.


Access a dashboard to see how much has been paid, and how much is outstanding.

NAB Escrow service for authorised users (law clerks and other office administrators)

We know that securing payment for barrister services can be problematic. So, we've set up an Escrow service to help you manage payments to barristers from their clients.

How can the NAB Escrow service help you?

  • Access the online NAB Escrow portal to manage your barrister's Escrow service.
  • Manage deposit requests and payment releases digitally.
  • Save time on chasing payments.
  • Simplify administration using reporting.
  • Authorised users who are appointed on behalf of group (e.g. Chambers Group), can log into the online NAB Escrow portal to manage Escrow services on behalf of multiple sellers (barristers).

How to use NAB Escrow

Getting started

Quick reference guide and tutorial video for new Escrow users on how to use the NAB Escrow portal.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible as a NAB Escrow seller, you must confirm you are:

  • a sole trader business entity
  • an Australian resident
  • 18 years of age or older
  • a NSW practising barrister (you will be required to provide your NSW Bar Association member number in the Seller Application Form).

To be eligible as an authorised user, you must confirm you are:

  • a law clerk or an administrator of a barrister or a chambers.

If you're applying as an authorised user for a group (e.g. a Chambers group), when submitting an Authorised user Application Form, an authorised representative of the group will need to provide a confirmation letter acknowledging you have been appointed as an authorised user for the group. Contact the NAB Escrow team for more information.

Important information

NAB recommends you consider the Terms and Conditions or other disclosure document, available from NAB, before making any decisions regarding this product. This product is issued by National Australia Bank Ltd ABN 12 004 044 937.

The Target Market Determination for this product is available at nab.com.au/TMD.