Benefits of this loan

Learn how the NAB Business Markets Loan may benefit your business.

Large borrowing amounts

Borrow amounts over $250,000.

Flexible repayment options

Loan terms from 30 days up to 15 years. Match your payment schedules and interest rate period to suit your business's cash flow cycles. 

Flexible loan structure

Loans can be interest-only or established with principal repayments. Easily add new components after loan establishment without additional documentation. 

Repayments and redraws easily accessible online

Online transaction capability for repayments and redraws (on floating and cap components) to support your business needs.

Protection against interest rate movements

Our markets specialists can structure a loan facility to protect against rate movements and help lower your lending costs. Easily add new components after loan establishment without additional documentation.

Progressive drawdown on your loan

Draw down on your loan as needed throughout the different phases of construction if required.

Our interest rates and fees explained

Interest rates

FloatingA variable rate that is reset for each pricing period for the term of the loan. are calculated using the applicable NAB Business Lending Rate plus your Customer Margin (available upon application). FixedLocks in a fixed rate for an agreed period. This protects you from the interest rate increases. , CappedProtects you from rising rates by setting a capped rate, while still allowing you to benefit from rates below the capped rate. , and Flexible maturity dates Locks in a fixed rate for the term of the component with the option to extend the fixed rate for a pre-agreed term. This protects you from interest rate rises. are structured by a market specialist.

Interest charges

Calculated daily and payable in arrears up to 2 banking days following the expiry of the pricing period. Interest is charged to your nominated working account.

Fees and charges

Available upon application.

Pricing periods

Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and half yearly options available.

NAB Business Markets Loan

Applying for a NAB Business Markets Loan

Here's a quick look at how to apply and receive your loan.

Step 1. Choose the right option

Choose the right finance to suit your business needs. If you're unsure, talk to us over the phone or in person with your local NAB business banker.

Step 2. Apply

You can apply over the phone or in person with your local NAB business banker. 

Check what documents you need to apply.

Step 3. Sign documents

Once the approval is sorted, we’ll send you the completed documents to sign and return.

Step 4. Receive your finance

Receive your finance once all documents are received and approved.

Ready to apply?

Get a loan tailored to your business by talking to one of our specialists today.

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