Making Direct Debit payments

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started.

Direct Debit payments can be set for single or multiple debtors and for one-off or regular payments.

  1. From the Payments menu, select ‘Direct Debit’.
  2. In the Initiate Payment screen you can either:
    • Choose a template you would like to use from the ‘Template’ dropdown list.
    • select the Upload file button and selecting ‘Upload a payment file’
    • enter the payment details manually.
  3. Complete the 'Payment details' section with:
    • Frequency – this will default to a One-off payment, you can select ‘Periodic payment’ for re-occurring payments. You will also need to select a ‘Cycle’ for how regularly you would like to make the payment, ‘First payment date’ and the ‘Last payment date’ for when you would like the payments to stop.
    • Value date – This will default to today’s date. You can elect any date up to 90 days in advance.
  4. In the ‘To Account’ section, select your registered Direct Entry ID from the DE user ID drop-down list. NAB Connect passes this with the payment to the beneficiary.
  5. In the Account drop-down list, select the account you want to credit.
  6. In the ‘Transaction list’ section, select Add transaction.
  7. You can select a saved payer from the Debit saved payer drop-down list to populate the mandatory fields. Otherwise, complete the fields manually:
    • Account name – enter the payer’s account name
    • BSB/Account number – enter the payer’s BSB/Account number.
    • Amount – enter the amount of payment from the payer.
    • Transaction type – the debit transaction type is pre-selected based on the payment type selected.
    • Trace account – If the funds cannot be applied to the beneficiary’s account, the beneficiary’s bank uses the trace account to return the funds to the remitter.
    • Name of remitter – enter the remitter’s name.
  8. If you want to save the beneficiary details to use again, select the Save Payer checkbox.
  9. If this is the:
    •  Only transaction, select Add and close.
    • First of multiple transactions, select Add and next and you can then add the next transaction.
  10. Select Submit and the payment is now ready for Authorisation.

Please note

You can save this transaction as a template by selecting Save as template for future use.

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