Astrid Vasile is passionate about establishing and developing good relationships in business. It's an attitude that's been key to the success of her WA-based construction firm. She now helps others achieve the same by working as a mentor.

Customer case study: Vasile Build

Meet Astrid Vasile, co-founder of GV Constructions WA, now known as Vasile Build, opens in new window.

Born in Indonesia, Astrid moved to Australia in 1998. Along with her husband Gino, she runs a residential and commercial building company, based in Western Australia. Vasile Build has achieved strong business growth over the years, completing more than 200 houses.

Starting a business isn’t easy, and for Astrid it's required significant upskilling over the years. With a background in IT and aviation, she's spent four years in full-time study completing a Diploma of Building and Construction.

When she finished her course, she was only the 12th female registered builder in Australia – in an industry of more than 10,000 building professionals.

When asked for tips on growing a business, she says: “Dream big and you just do it. You just have to try to do it, and have passion.”

Establishing business relationships

Astrid has also served as Executive Chair of the Australian Indonesian Business Women’s & Professionals Network, opens in new window, helping Australian women consider Indonesia in their international business expansion ideas.

Cross-cultural communication in international business is often a barrier to new business growth overseas. Therefore building relationships and establishing mentorships, she explains, is extremely valuable.

Finance for business

Astrid says that she has a similar relationship with her NAB banker, who guides her and helps her conduct financial viability analysis for future projects the company wants to undertake.

“I’m so very happy, I’m so very fortunate that NAB can help us grow our business,” she says.

You can find out more about Astrid's business journey on NAB's Business Research and Insights website, opens in new window.

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