What you can control

The Usage control menu in the NAB app gives you options to switch transaction controls on and off for your NAB credit and debit cards.

You can apply these controls on any personal or commercial NAB Visa Debit card or credit card. These controls apply to individual cards and settings options vary.

You can block or enable the following payments:

  • online transactions
  • contactless payments
  • overseas card use
  • ATM cash advances
  • gambling transactions.

How to block and enable payments

The Usage control menu is available on the NAB app and is compatible with Apple™, opens in new window and Android™ devices.

Simply, log into the NAB app, go to Cards and select Usage controls on your compatible Android™ or Apple™ mobile device.

You can also control card settings and transaction usage on your desktop using NAB Internet Banking.

We make all reasonable efforts to decline a transaction that you have authorised as a control on your account.

Types of transactions you can enable and block

Online transactions

You can use Usage controls to block card transactions where your card is not present. This includes shopping online and over the phone and includes international and foreign currency transactions.

Once you’ve activated these controls they may also block your regular payments to businesses you subscribe to if the business hasn't set up a recurring payment.

If this happens, your regular payments may not be processed while the block is activated, and you will need to pay another way.

Contactless purchases 

Use this control to block contactless purchases including domestic and overseas contactless purchases. This includes contactless purchases using digital wallets including Apple Pay.

This block does not stop you using a contactless enabled ATM with 'Tap and PIN' as they are not purchases or payments and always require a PIN. 

What you need to know about contactless payments

Some contactless payments for purchases may not be blocked.

Contactless payment control may interfere with the use of public transport where travellers can use their credit or debit card to directly ‘tap on’ or ‘tap off’ public transport such as trains, trams, buses, and ferries.

If you experience issues after turning the control off, speak to public transport staff for assistance as there may be unpaid fares associated with your card.

Overseas card use

Block foreign currency transactions on your card when you're outside Australia.

You can block: 

  • A purchase transaction where a card is required to be present at a merchant terminal. This includes contactless purchases with or without a PIN.
  • ATM withdrawals (ATM cash advances).

ATM cash advances

Use this control to block domestic or international cash advances from a NAB Visa credit card.

This ATM block applies to contactless ‘Tap and PIN’ and ‘Enter and PIN’ transactions.

You cannot set a control for cash advances on NAB Visa Debit card, NAB Business Payments Card or NAB Business Card.

Transactions that can't be blocked

  • Transactions that are made when a merchant's systems is offline.
  • Money transfers and online gambling transactions unless you have enabled restricted gambling.
  • Any transactions we get that don’t match the exact criteria used to define your controls.
  • Transactions made using linked cheque or savings accounts.

Who can block or enable card payments?

Primary and additional cards

For personal NAB Visa credit cards, only the primary cardholder can block and enable payment options for primary and additional cards that share the same card number.

As a primary cardholder, the control you set to block or enable payment options, only applies to the NAB Visa credit card you have selected.

If you share a card number with an additional cardholder, the control you set to block or enable payment options for your card will automatically apply to the additional cardholder's NAB Visa credit card.

If your card number is different to the additional cardholder's card number, your controls will not apply to the additional cardholder's card.

An additional cardholder can view but not block or enable payment options for their card.

It's your responsibility as the primary cardholder to notify the additional cardholder of any controls set on their card.

Commercial credit cards and NAB Visa Debit cards

For commercial NAB Visa credit cards, any cardholder can block and enable payment options.

If you’re a NAB Visa debit cardholder or commercial NAB Visa credit cardholder, the control you set to block or enable payment options will only apply to the NAB Visa card you select.

Multiple NAB Visa cards

Usage control settings are specific to your card, so you can have different settings applied to different cards.

When you change a Usage control setting for one card, the change doesn't apply to any other cards.

Changes and declined transaction notifications

If a control setting to block and enable payment options is changed or a transaction is declined due to the control you selected, you will not be notified.

Lost or stolen cards

If you report your card as lost or stolen and you had previously set a control to block or enable payment options, these settings will not automatically carry over to your replacement card.

You'll need to reset the Usage controls by selecting your replacement card from the Cards menu in the NAB app.

If you have used controls to set gambling restrictions, these will remain in place.

Expired cards

If your card expires and you had previously set Usage controls to block or enable payment options, these settings will automatically carry over to your new card.

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