Update your personal contact details

If you need to change your name, gender, title, address and other contact details, you can use the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking to make many of these updates. Follow our simple instructions.

Adding an additional cardholder

You can add an additional cardholder to most NAB credit card accounts for no extra charge. The NAB StraightUp Card doesn’t allow an additional cardholder.

The additional cardholder gets a card and PIN that gives them access to your credit card account, and any other accounts that you’ve linked to it.

As the primary cardholder, you’re responsible for all use of the account, including transactions made by the additional cardholder.

Before adding an additional cardholder, please be aware of the following:

  • If you already have an additional cardholder, you’ll need to arrange for them to be removed first.
  • An additional cardholder must be at least 16 years old.
  • It can take up to two weeks to add the additional cardholder to your account. As you're the primary cardholder, we'll send the new card to your address or nominated branch.
  • If the additional cardholder isn't already a NAB customer, they’ll need to visit a branch to provide proof of identity. Suitable ID includes their passport, birth certificate or driver's licence and utility bill or rates notice.
  • The additional cardholder will be able to view and manage the card through the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking by selecting the Cards menu.
  • You can also request for the additional cardholder to view the credit card transactions online. To do this, you'll need to visit a NAB branch together to organise third party access.

Add a cardholder using the NAB app

The easiest way to add an additional cardholder is through the NAB app.

  1. Login to the NAB app and select Cards.
  2. Select your card.
  3. Click on Usage controls.
  4. Select Add another cardholder.

Add a cardholder using NAB Internet Banking

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking
  2. Go to Cards.
  3. Select your card.
  4. Under Manage your card, select Add an additional cardholder.

Other ways to add an additional cardholder

Print and fill out the additional cardholder request form (PDF, 257KB), opens in new window. Return it to us:

Removing an additional cardholder

You can call us and we’ll get them removed immediately. 

Our NAB Messaging operators can also help you, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking.
  2. Go to Cards.
  3. Click on the Chat icon.

If possible, you’ll need to retrieve the cards from your additional cardholder and destroy them by cutting through the chip, magnetic strip and security code.

Switching to another NAB credit card

If for any reason your card isn’t right for you, we have a range of credit cards with varying features and benefits. We’ll be happy to talk to you about switching your card:

Find the right card to match your needs by using our Help me choose a card tool

Changing your credit card limit

To find out how to either increase or decrease your credit card limit check out our guide to credit card limits.

Closing your credit card account

To find out how to close your credit card account check out our guide on closing your credit card.

Help and support

Here are some other ways to help you manage your credit card account.

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