The following NAB Connect security features will help reduce the risk of human error and unauthorised transactions occurring on your accounts.

  • When accessing NAB Connect, you’ll use a unique 10-digit user identification number to login.

    To protect your account information, you’ll be logged out of NAB Connect after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • NAB Connect uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology to protect your information. To ensure compatibility with our site, please keep your browser up to date.

  • We hold user activity reports that provide details on:

    • user access: including the date and time each user logged-in
    • transaction details:including who created, authorised and edited each payment.

    To request a copy of these reports, contact our NAB Connect Client Centre on 1300 888 413.

  • In NAB Connect you'll be able to:

    • establish payment limits that can be customised to your business and risk profile set daily payment limits as an overall value for your NAB Connect site or customise values by specific payment types
    • change the set daily payment limits at any time.

    Payments that exceed your limit need additional approval by your nominated authorising user/s in addition to your normal payment authorisation requirements.

  • Provides each authorising NAB Connect user in your business with unique one-time passwords for logging in, creating and approving transactions. 

NAB Connect optional security features:

To find more information on these security features send us a Secure message or contact the Client centre on 1300 888 413.

  • This control enforces the need for a transaction to be created and approved by separate people in your business. 

  • Each transaction must be approved by two (or more) people in your business.  You can set different requirements for transactions of different sizes.

  • There’s a transaction signing threshold of $500,000. To digitally sign for payments exceeding this amount, the authorising user will need to perform additional steps for payment authorisation.

  • NAB Connect can help you effectively manage third party (e.g. accountant) access by allowing you to customise:

    • viewing rights for each of your linked business accounts to help ensure only authorised people see sensitive financial information
    • access rights for each service. For example, you can limit access to confidential payroll information.