What is accessibility?

Web accessibility is a philosophy of web site design which endeavours to ensure that a web site, or application, is easy and effective to access for the widest possible range of users, irrespective of their limitations and capabilities, their location, equipment or bandwidth.

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Which operating systems and browsers work best with the accessibility features of NAB Internet Banking?

NAB Internet Banking has been tested for accessibility across a range of operating system and browser combinations. Due to differences in the way each of the combinations behave, there are some differences in the levels of accessibility within NAB Internet Banking. Refer to the table below for some of the results of our testing.

Operating system Browser Keyboard navigatable? With stylesheets disabled
Windows® Microsoft Internet Explorer® Yes Readable





Macintosh® Microsoft Internet Explorer® Yes Readable


Safari® v2.0





No Readable

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Has NAB Internet Banking been tested with screen reader software?

Yes, NAB Internet Banking has been tested successfully using some of the most popular screen reader software programmes.

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Can I increase the font size?

Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® and FirefoxTM allow the font size of text on web pages to be adjusted. Because of the way in which NAB Internet Banking utilises stylesheets to control presentation, it is not possible to increase the font size of your Internet Banking information without first disabling stylesheets within your browser. Refer to your browser's Help for more information.

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Can I use NAB Internet Banking using the keyboard only?

Yes, NAB Internet Banking is accessible using only the keyboard keys, without the assistance of a mouse. Some combinations of operating systems and browsers are more suitable for keyboard users than others. Find out which browsers and operating systems work best with the accesibility features in internet banking.

Tips for keyboard users:

Operating system/browser

If you want to... Then...

Windows®/Internet Explorer®

Select an account from the drop-down box on screens such as Account details, Transaction history, Funds transfer and Bill payment lists

  1. Use the Alt key in combination with the up or down arrow keys to highlight the desired account.
  2. Press the Enter key to select the account.


Navigate through screens containing radio buttons

  1. Use the Tab key to jump from field to field to input the appropriate information.
  2. Once the relevant fields are completed and/or radio buttons are selected, press the Enter key to submit the information and proceed to the next screen.

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Can I use NAB Internet Banking if I have JavaScript disabled on my browser?

No. Like most sites on the web today, NAB Internet Banking takes advantage of client-side JavaScript technology to provide a more interactive and efficient experience for the user, to assist with data validation and to improve performance. Accordingly, it is necessary to have your browser configured to be enabled for JavaScript.

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