Create a PayID today by downloading the latest version of the NAB app or go to NAB Internet Banking

A better way to pay and get paid

Faster payments

Send a Fast Payment with funds transferred between participating banks in less than 60 seconds, 24/7 in most instances. 

Simpler identification

Create and provide your PayID instead of your BSB and account number to make getting paid easier. Your PayID is a unique identifier linked to your transaction account and can be your email address, mobile number or ABN. 

Smarter payment information

Send descriptions up to 280 characters with your Fast Payments.

Fast payments with PayID

Your PayID is a simpler way to receive Fast Payments that's unique to you.

Anyone who knows your PayID, and is with a participating bank, can use it to pay you almost instantly. And if you know their PayID, you can do the same.

That means no digging around for BSB and account numbers you can't remember and no awkward chasing friends and family for money.

You can create a PayID now.

Either through the NAB app, NAB Internet Banking or NAB Connect.

It can be your mobile number or email address.

Pick whichever's easiest to remember and share it to receive payments on-the-spot. Simple.

It doesn't replace your BSB and account number.

You can still use these details – Fast Payments with your PayID is just an easier alternative.

It can only be linked to one account.

If you have a few NAB accounts, you'll need to create a separate PayID for each.

It works with other banks that use PayID.

People don't need to be with NAB to send you payments to your PayID.

Find out how to create your PayID

How fast payments can help

Transferring money online is now faster and simpler. Here’s an example:

You spot an item for sale online and arrange to view it in person. On site, you decide you have to have it, but don’t have the cash with you. No problem. The seller gives you their easy-to-use PayID and you transfer the funds on the spot using the NAB Mobile Banking app. Provided they’re with a participating bank, the money arrives into the seller’s bank account within 60 seconds and you’re good to go with your new purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What are Fast Payments?

Fast Payments refers to all payments made on the New Payments Platform which includes Osko Payments.

Are Fast Payments secure?

Fast Payments are protected by NAB’s real time transaction processing and monitoring capability and PayID is just as secure as how you bank now. Visit our Security Centre to learn more about how to stay safe online, including how to keep your internet devices secure.

What is Osko and how does an Osko Payment work?

Osko is the name of the payment service offered by BPAY. NAB has signed up to Osko Payments.

With Osko Payments funds are available in under 60 seconds and if you provide 280 characters of description text, the receiving party will see the full description.

You can make an Osko payment to a BSB and Account number or a PayID, but both payer and payee accounts need to be enabled for Osko payments.

How do I make a Fast Payment?

NAB Mobile Banking app:

Open the Transfer & pay menu and select Pay anyone, enter your payment details including a PayID (if available).

NAB Internet Banking (desktop):

Open the Transfer & Pay menu and select Pay to PayID and enter a PayID.

NAB Connect:

If the payee and payer accounts are eligible, select fast.

For transactions processed as a Fast Payment, you can use the detailed description field to enter and send up to 280 characters.


  • If making a payment in NAB Internet Banking, Fast Payments is only available when paying to a PayID; if you're paying to a BSB and Account number, cut-off times will continue to apply. Find out when the cut-off times are.
  • NAB and other participating financial institutions are currently rolling out Fast Payments to their customers, so you may experience variability of service. A full list of participating banks is available on the New Payments Platform Australia’s website.

Does a Fast Payment have to go to a PayID?

No, you can make a Fast Payment to either a PayID or a BSB and account number

To receive a Fast Payment at NAB, it can be sent to your PayID or BSB and account number. Note: other participating financial institutions may only allow fast payments if their customers pay to your PayID.

For more information about creating and using PayIDs please go to our PayID page.

Which banks are participating?

Participating banks and financial institutions will be rolling out these services in 2018. You can see a full list of participating banks on the New Payments Platform Australia’s website.

How do I know what service was used for my payment and whether it will go through straight away or overnight?

On your receipt screen, we’ll confirm the service used. Fast Payments generally occur in under 60 seconds.

If we won’t be able to make your payment as a Fast Payment, we'll usually tell you at the time that you're making the payment.

In NAB Mobile Banking, in instances where your Fast Payment cannot be made because the payee’s account is not eligible to receive Fast Payments, we’ll automatically resubmit it. When this happens, (depending on processing cut-off times) the payment will be processed overnight or the following business day. When this happens, your payee will only receive the reference. If you haven’t entered a reference, the first 18 characters of the description will be passed on to your payee.

Want to know more? See our "What's the description and how does it differ from reference?" below for information.

Note: If your payment is time critical, you should always check your payment status.

How can I check my payment status?

You can check the status of your payment:

  • In NAB Internet Banking by opening the Transfer & Pay menu and selecting Payment list.
  • In NAB Mobile App by opening the My payments menu and selecting Past.
  • In NAB Connect by checking the Payment Register.

What's the description and how does it differ from reference?

The Reference field is used to tell payees what your payment is for – it’s limited to 18 characters.

The description is a Fast Payments feature and can hold up to 280 characters. It lets you give your payee additional information to accompany a Fast Payment.

In NAB Mobile Banking, if your payee's account is not eligible for Fast Payments, we will resubmit the payment as an overnight payment (cut-off times apply). When this happens, your payee will only receive the reference. If you haven’t entered a reference, the first 18 characters of the description will be passed on to your payee.

For more information about Fast Payments, PayIDs and Osko Payments please refer to your eligible account Terms and Conditions or Business Products Terms and Conditions.