Faster, simpler, smarter payments

We’re working with other Australian banks to improve the way you make and receive everyday payments.

Faster payments

Send and receive fast payments, with funds generally transferred between participating banks in under 60 seconds, 24/7.

Simpler identification

Choose to use a PayID instead of your BSB and account number to make getting paid easier. Your PayID is a unique identifier linked to your transaction account and can be your email address, mobile number or ABN.

Smarter payment information

Send more detailed descriptions (up to 280 characters) with your payments.


We’ve updated NAB transaction and savings account terms and conditions in preparation for the launch of fast payments in 2018. Your terms and conditions now include important information about PayIDs and fast payments (referred to as NPP Payments or Osko Payments in your terms and conditions) and how these payments are treated for interest calculations on non-business days.

Which terms and conditions apply to your NAB product?

The full updated terms and conditions for each applicable NAB product can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Account type Applicable terms and conditions

NAB Classic Banking

NAB iSaver

NAB Gold Banking - Private

NAB Retirement Account

NAB Reward Saver



Personal Transaction and Savings Products Terms and Conditions

What's changed (PDF, 308KB)

NAB Passbook Account

NAB Passbook Account - Retirement

NAB Gold Banking & NAB Gold Banking - Choice


Personal Transaction and Savings Products (Off-Sale) Terms and Conditions

What's changed (PDF, 308KB)

NAB Cash Manager

Cash Manager Terms & Conditions

Private Cash Manager Terms & Condition (PDF, 380KB)

What's changed (PDF, 308KB)

NAB Business Everyday Account

NAB Business Interest Account

NAB Business Cash Maximiser

NAB Farm Management Account

NAB GST Business Offset Account

NAB Business Management Account

NAB Community Fee Saver Account




Business Products Terms and Conditions

What's changed (PDF, 305KB)

NAB Statutory Trust Accounts

Statutory Trust Accounts Terms and Conditions

What's changed (PDF, 305KB)

More information

We’re here to help. If you’re a personal banking customer and would like to find out more about these changes talk to us on 13 22 65. If you’re a business banking customer talk to us on 13 10 12.