Important: If you do not understand anything in these terms and conditions or have any questions, ask us before you accept these terms and conditions.

NAB Mobile Cheque Deposit Terms and Conditions (effective 1st July 2019)

These terms and conditions:

  • apply when you use the NAB app (the service) to submit a cheque for deposit within the mobile cheque deposit function of the service; and
  • are in addition to the terms and conditions applicable to your eligible account and your use of the service (whichever is relevant to you):

If there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the applicable service terms and conditions, these terms and conditions will apply to the extent of that inconsistency.

2. Accounts eligible for mobile cheque deposits

Mobile cheque deposits are available on eligible personal and business transaction accounts that are visible within the mobile cheque deposits function in the service.

Accordingly, if your account is visible within the mobile cheque deposit function, then your account is eligible for mobile cheque deposits.

Mobile cheque deposits are not available on certain personal and business accounts including savings, credit card and term deposit accounts.

Please call 13 22 65 for further information about mobile cheque deposits and whether your account may be eligible.

3. Submitting a cheque for deposit

You must not submit a cheque using the service unless you are the true owner of the cheque. You are the true owner of a cheque for the purpose of these terms and conditions if the payee details on the cheque being submitted match the name (or one of the names) on the account to which the cheque is being deposited. Third party cheques are not accepted.

For example:

Submitting a cheque for deposit
Acceptable   Not acceptable  
Cheque details Acceptable   Payee on cheque being submitted:“Pay John Smith the sum of…”

Account name: “Mr John Smith

Not acceptable   Payee on cheque being submitted:“Pay Mary Smith the sum of…”

Account name:“Mr Ryan Reynolds”

You may only submit:

  • one cheque at a time;
  • a value totalling a maximum of $5,000 across any number of cheques within any 7 day period using the service (deposit limits are subject to change);
  • Australian dollar cheques (any non-Australian dollar cheques submitted will not be processed by NAB).

Please ensure you only submit images of the front and back of the cheque you wish to deposit – please rescan the cheque if the image has captured anything other than the cheque itself.

4. After submitting a cheque for deposit

After a cheque has been submitted using the service:

  • you must keep the physical cheque in a safe place and hold it on our behalf for 10 banking days. If we request the physical cheque during this period you must promptly provide it to us. After 10 banking days, you must securely destroy the cheque (this means it should be shredded so that the details on the cheque cannot be read or reconstructed to a readable format – the cheque must not be burned or buried);
  • you must not allow the cheque to be deposited again at NAB or any other financial institution;
  • the value of each cheque deposited will appear as uncleared funds in your account balance the following banking day (or the banking day after that if you submit a cheque after 10pm AEST, or on a day that is not a banking day);
  • funds will usually become available funds after 3 banking days unless cheques are submitted:
    • after 10pm AEST; or
    • on a day that is not a banking day:

in which case the cheque will be processed on the following banking day.

If your cheque is dishonoured we will notify you in writing within 5 banking days of the day you submitted the cheque.

You are unable to request special clearance of cheques submitted using the mobile cheque deposit function. If you would like to request special clearance of a cheque, please visit your nearest branch to deposit the cheque.

5. Fees and charges

Business customers should be aware that transaction fees may apply to electronic transactions including deposits on certain business accounts. Service fees may also apply if you request additional services in relation to cheques submitted for deposit using the service. These fees are set out in Business Banking Fees – A guide to fees and charges.

6. Other matters

You must have the latest version of the NAB App and a supported iOS or Android. An internet connection is needed to access the NAB App and use the mobile cheque deposit function.

NAB may change these terms and conditions (including by changing deposit limits) from time to time. NAB will make any changes in accordance with any applicable service terms and conditions, legislation and industry codes.

©2019 National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 230686.

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