Home. Holiday. Rainy day. Whatever you’re saving for, the NAB app makes reaching your money goals simpler and faster, wherever you are.

How to get started

mobile phone

Jump on the NAB app

Add a personal savings goal to any of your NAB iSaver or Reward accounts.

set your goal

Set your goal

Enter the date you want to reach your goal by - and find out how much to set aside and how often.

track your savings

Track your savings

Easily check your progress. See if you're falling behind and get back on track to reach your goal.

reach your goal

Reach your goal

Feel-good time. You now have enough saved for that holiday or home loan deposit.

Download or update the NAB app

Don't have a savings account?

Existing customers

  • Login to the NAB app
  • Tap More or the Menu icon
  • Tap New account
  • Tap Savings accounts
  • Tap Apply now

Not a NAB customer yet?

  • Download the NAB app
  • Tap Join NAB
  • Choose a savings account
  • Tap Apply now

Saving for a trip

Meet Liam. He added a savings goal to his NAB iSaver account and is now saving $400 a week to reach his $9000 goal. That’s eight months until he gets to fulfil his lifelong dream of visiting Antarctica.

Let's get you sorted

What is My Goals?

It’s a feature in the NAB app that allows you to attach your NAB iSaver or Rewards Saver account to a personalised savings goal, helping you track your progress.

It’s easy to create a goal for anything you’re saving towards. Simply give your goal a name, set your target amount, and the date you want to reach it. The NAB app will help you work out how much (and how often) you need to save, to reach your goal.

Is My Goals only available in the NAB app?

The NAB app is the only place to view and track your existing goals. However the name of your goals will appear as your account nickname in Internet Banking.

How do I set it up?

First check that you have the most recent version of the NAB app on your phone or device.

Once in the app, select which savings account you want to use. At the top of the account, tap the message: Turn this account into a dedicated savings goal to reach your goal faster.

Can I set up recurring payments, to help me reach my savings goal?

Yes, once you’ve set your goal, you’ll be asked if you want to make recurring payments into your savings goal account.

You can set these recurring payments anytime in the NAB app:

  • Login to the NAB app
  • Select your goal from the My Accounts screen
  • Scroll down and select Create a payment
  • Choose the From account and the To account
  • Insert the amount
  • Tap Pay when and then tap Recurring
  • Choose the frequency, set the start date and select an end date (optional)
  • You can also transfer money from another bank to your goal.

Can I set up multiple savings goals?

You can only set one goal for each savings account. If you have other goals you’d like to save for, you can open another NAB iSaver or Reward Saver account.

Do I need to create a new savings account?

No. You can attach a savings goal to any of your existing NAB iSaver or NAB Reward Saver accounts.

What if I don’t have a savings account or want to open another one?

You can create a new account using the NAB app:

Existing customers

  • Login to the NAB app
  • Tap More on apple devices or the Menu icon on android devices
  • Tap New account
  • Tap Savings accounts
  • Tap Apply now

Not a NAB customer?

  • Download the NAB app
  • Tap Join NAB
  • Select the savings account of your choice
  • Tap Apply now

You can also open a new savings account in NAB Internet Banking

  • Select Products
  • Under Products, select Savings accounts
  • Select the Savings account of your choice
  • Click Apply now.

How can I track my savings goal progress?

You can keep track of your progress in the NAB app.

  • Login to the NAB app
  • Select the account connected to your savings goal
  • See how you’re tracking against your goal.

Can I delete a goal?

Yes, you can delete a goal in the NAB app.

  • Login to the NAB app
  • Select the account connected to your savings goal
  • Scroll down and tap Delete goal.

It’s important to note that only your savings goal will be deleted. Your account will remain open and your goal name will still be the account’s nickname. If you’d like to update the account nickname, here’s how:

  • Login to the NAB app
  • Select the account you’d like to rename
  • Click More the Menu icon and tap Rename your account
  • Enter your new account nickname and save your update.

What happens when I reach my goal?

Simply remove it by selecting the account and tapping on Finish goal. From there you can rename your account’s nickname and go back to having a regular savings account.

Don’t forget you’ll also need to stop any recurring payments you’ve set up.

You can do this in the NAB app:

  • Tap More on apple devices or the Menu icon on android devices
  • Tap My payments
  • Under Future, find and select the relevant recurring payment
  • Select Cancel payment.

Can I set up a goal for my business account?

Yes, but if you’ve created a goal with your business account, you’ll only see this when logged into your business account, not from your personal account.

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