While your home is your biggest asset, here we investigate strategies for building wealth and investing outside your home.

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Is property investment for you?

Risk and rewards, find out whether property investment is right for you.

Investing in property? Understand the costs before you buy

Is an investment property right for you? We run you through the costs involved.

Understand cash flow before you buy an investment property

How to understand investment property cash flow for solid long-term investment success.

What's PAYG withholding variation — and why it matters

A tax break you can take advantage of all year round - PAYG withholding variation.

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Claim depreciation on an older investment property

Tax breaks can make property investment profitable and depreciation is vital to your strategy.

Claim depreciation on a new investment property

How tax allowances on depreciation of new properties can make property investment profitable.

Positive cash flow vs negative gearing — two case studies

Thinking of property investing? Compare our case studies on positive and negative gearing to help you choose the right investment strategy for you.

Choosing the right investment property loan

Make the right investment loan decision by understanding the types of loans available.

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