Discover hints and tips when thinking about upsizing, downsizing and renovating.

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11 unique renovation ideas

Looking to renovate? Here are 11 brilliant ideas that may not have crossed your mind.

Finance ideas for your home renovation

Finance options for your home renovation, no matter how big or small.

Depreciation tips when renovating your investment property

Why renovating without depreciating could be costing you.

Renovate or relocate? Things to consider before you decide

Renovate or relocate? Don’t make this major decision till you’ve considered these points.

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6 tips for working out your renovation costs

Creating a realistic renovation budget rests on how accurately you estimate your costs. Here are six tips to help you work out your renovation costs-before you get the hammers and hacksaws out.

7 tips for renovating on a tight budget

Big dreams on a tight budget? We’ve got you covered with these seven top tips.

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