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Call us on 13 13 12

8am-8pm Mon – Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT)

Apply in person at your nearest branch

If you’re not already a customer, starting to bank with us will help us understand your financial circumstances. You can get started with a transaction account. Please note, we'll need you to visit a branch to verify your identity.


Am I eligible for a NAB Personal Loan?

To be eligible for a personal loan, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen; an Australian Permanent Resident or a non-resident holding an acceptable Temporary Residency VISA
  • Have a regular income and good credit rating

What happens during the application?

During your application, we’ll ask you details about your financial situation, these include:

  • Income earnings (before and after tax, and how often).
  • Expense details (e.g. general living expenses, rent or insurance).
  • Information about any Assets you own (e.g. value of any cars, homes or other assets).
  • Information about any Liabilities you owe (e.g. personal or home loans, credit or store cards).

Things to have handy:

  • Your NAB ID number – if you're an existing customer.
  • Driver's licence number (if you have one – it'll help us process your application)

Apply now for your personal loan

It's easy, secure and takes around 20 minutes.

What happens after I apply?

We'll send you an email (or a secure message via internet banking) straight away to confirm we’ve received your application. You’ll hear from us within 1-2 business days, once we’ve taken a look. We’ll send you an email to let you know how it’s going, or we’ll call if we need to check anything.

More about the next steps after you apply.

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