Are you applying by yourself? Select Yes if you’re the only person applying.
Select No if you’re applying with another person who’ll also be responsible for making repayments on your NAB Personal Loan. They’ll be referred to as Applicant 2.
How much would you like to borrow? NAB Personal Loans are for amounts between $5,000 and $55,000.


Would you like a fixed or variable interest rate?


Fixed – your loan’s interest rate will stay the same for the loan term. This means your repayments won’t change during the term. However you won’t be able to redraw any funds you pay in advance.

Variable - your loan’s interest rate could move up or down. This means your minimum repayments could too. You’ll be able to redraw funds paid in advance.

Please select the term of the loan

The number of years that you plan to pay your loan for.

Shorter terms mean higher repayments (as they’re spread over less years) but less interest paid by the end of the loan term.

A longer term will mean lower repayments but more interest paid by the end of the loan term.

How often would you like to make repayments?

Choose from:

  • Weekly – you’ll make a repayment every week.
  • Fortnightly – you’ll make a repayment every second week.
  • Monthly – you’ll make a repayment every calendar month.

You might like to consider how often you receive your salary or wages.

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Important information

1 The following Visa categories are not acceptable: Visitor Visa (exception, a Special Category Visa - NZ Citizen is acceptable), Working Holiday, Student, Exchange/gap year, Transit/short stay/seasonal and Bridging.

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