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Are you already a NAB customer?

Select Yes or No. If you’re already a customer, we’ll have some of your details. This will help us process your application.

Enter your NAB ID

Enter your NAB ID (also known as NAB Identification Number). You can find your NAB ID on the back of your credit card or debit card. It’s also the number you use to login to Internet Banking.

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Select the title that best suits you.

First name

Enter your full first name as it appears on official identification, like your driver’s licence or passport.

Middle name

If you have a middle name, enter it as it appears on official identification, like your driver’s licence or passport.

If you don’t have a middle name, leave this space blank.


Enter your surname or family name as it appears on official identification, like your driver’s licence or passport.


Select the option you feel is most appropriate.

Date of birth

You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a personal loan. Select the day and month, and type the year you were born.

Employment status

Select the option that best describes your current working situation.

Marital Status

Select the option that best describes your current situation.

Number of financial dependants

Select the number of people that rely on you financially.

A financial dependant is someone who you support financially. This can include children (of any age), grandparents, foster children, etc.

Do you have a driver’s licence?

If you have a driver’s licence, select yes. Otherwise select no.

Driver’s licence number

Enter the number exactly as it appears on your driver's licence. Leave this field blank if you don't have an Australian driver's licence.

Driver’s licence state

Select the state or territory where the driver’s licence was issued.

Home phone, work phone and mobile number

We need at least one phone number. You can leave one or two spaces blank.

For home and work numbers, select your state’s area code, and type the rest of your number. Don't use any spaces, dashes, or other separators.

If you don’t have a home phone, leave blank.

Email address

Enter your full email address with no spaces (eg.

Residential status

Select the option that best describes your living arrangement.

Renting is when you’re on the lease. Boarding is if you’re living with someone, but aren’t on the lease.

Unit/apartment number

If your address includes a letter or number for a flat, unit or apartment, enter it here. Otherwise leave this space blank

Street number

Enter your street number with no spaces, commas or other separators.

Street name and type

Enter the name of your street, and select the street type from the dropdown menu.


Enter the suburb or town you live in.


Select the state or territory you live in.


Enter the 4-digit postcode of your town or suburb in the space provided. Please ensure this is number only (eg. 3000)

When did you move to this address?

Select the month from the dropdown menu, then enter four digits for the year.

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Important information

1 The following Visa categories are not acceptable: Visitor Visa (exception, a Special Category Visa - NZ Citizen is acceptable), Working Holiday, Student, Exchange/gap year, Transit/short stay/seasonal and Bridging.

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