Change the World list

We’re the first Australian company to make Fortune magazine’s ‘Change the World’ list (for our work with customers in financial distress).

NAB Assist

NAB Assist’s customer-first approach to financial hardship saw loan defaults fall and customers back on their feet quicker in 2016.

Clean energy finance

We lead the way in clean energy finance. In 2014 we were the first Australian bank to issue a certified climate bond ($300m).


Our financial success here at NAB depends upon the health and prosperity of our communities. We know that life is about more than money, so we try to help our customers and Australian businesses build a healthy, thriving society.

That’s why Shared Value is so important to us. The concept makes sense: we create innovative business solutions to address the challenges facing an ever-more connected and crowded planet. Shared Value is about positive and smarter action, searching for opportunities where others often just see problems.

That’s not to play down the immense problems we face – rising social and economic inequality, climate change, and environmental destruction to name just a few. There’s no single answer, no magic bullet. Lasting solutions need us all to work together, with Governments, individuals, charities and business pooling resources and expertise to tackle some of our biggest social challenges.


Many of society’s most pressing problems – affordable housing, alternative energy and sustainable agriculture to name three – have traditionally been the domain of governments and not-for-profits. But business, especially the finance sector, can play a huge role in driving forward a healthy future for all.

So we are looking at doing business in new and innovative ways. Shared Value looks long-term. We want to help our customers build lasting wealth: a richer, healthier, fairer world is better for everyone. It’s the right thing to do and, ultimately, our success depends upon it.


Our Shared Value approach has already transformed parts of our business. In 2013, we radically overhauled our collections department, now called NAB Assist. We wanted to learn how to help our customers experiencing financial hardship faster and more effectively. The results speak for themselves: our loan defaults fell by $70m in 2016 and we helped 21,303 customers get back on their feet. Truly a win-win for us and our customers.

So we were delighted when Fortune magazine recognised our work and included us in their ‘Change the World’ list, 50 companies across the world that do well by doing good. We were the first Australian company on that list.

Our success with NAB Assist has led us to develop several other Shared Value initiatives. Not only are these good for our customers – and for everyone really – they’re good for business. Some examples include:

  • Natural Value strategy: We’re helping our agribusiness customers manage environmental risk such as water scarcity and soil degradation. How? We’re the only Australian bank to sign the Natural Capital Declaration. And we’re working to integrate natural capital considerations in our credit risk assessments.
  • Clean Energy Finance: We’re developing a range of innovative financing solutions to better meet our customers’ needs. Our green bonds are one example.
  • Impact Investment: We’re backing investments that deliver positive social outcomes. We support a range of social issues like transitioning to a low carbon economy, addressing youth homelessness, helping businesses that promote gender equality and finding market-based solutions to environmental issues in the Murray Darling Basin. We’re continuing to build our portfolio to meet more social needs.

Shared Value is a smarter way of doing business. Our aim is to be Australia and New Zealand’s most respected bank. If we put our customer’s needs first, and keep an eye on the bigger picture, then we’re on track to achieving the future we want to see.