NAB The Bridge is a dedicated support program for people leaving NAB through redundancy, providing practical assistance and tools to support you through this unsettling time and help you create a new direction.

Working with your own personal coach, you’ll be supported to first explore and understand your strengths, opportunities and goals, then make a plan to move forward.

NAB The Bridge centres

Melbourne now open

Level 19, 485 Latrobe Street, Melbourne VIC

Sydney opening soon

77 King Street, Sydney NSW

  • Step 1 Explore your skills, strength and opportunities.
  • Step 2 Plan your priorities, goals and next steps.
  • Step 3 Create a new direction for your future.

Personal support by experienced coaches

Meet one of the coaches

Our coaches are experienced career coaches here to help you explore your strengths and passions in life and create a new direction.

During your coaching sessions, you and your coach will be able to use NAB The Bridge portal to book additional sessions or support. Your coach can also help you access services that aren’t online.

Before you leave NAB, you will be contacted to set up your first appointment with your coach and arrange your access to NAB The Bridge portal. You can also visit the Melbourne and Sydney Bridge Centres.

NAB The Bridge coaching in action

Hear from Rohan, one of our coaches.

Practical tools and personalised support

Services tailored to your chosen pathway

Giving you the tools you need to find the right role

If you’re looking to continue in your career or find a new job, our career services are here to help.

Whilst you may be eager to apply for new roles, we help you first get clear about what you really want and what your strengths are, and then explore the directions you can take from there. We’ll help you understand the job market, refresh your CV and LinkedIn® profile, practice for interviews, and learn how best to negotiate a job acceptance.

LinkedIn® is a registered trade mark of LinkedIn Corporation.

Find out more about NAB The Bridge

Come and have a look

Have a look inside one of our NAB The Bridge Centres and find out about what support is available to help you throughout your transition.

More about NAB The Bridge

Find out what services and support is available.

Frequently asked questions

Who can access NAB The Bridge?

NAB The Bridge is available to people who were permanent employees at NAB at the time of being made redundant from November 2017.

When will NAB The Bridge services become available?

NAB The Bridge services are now available to people who have an exit date from NAB.

How do I access NAB The Bridge?

After you’re provided with an exit date from NAB, a coach will be in touch with you to arrange your first appointment and provide you with login details for NAB The Bridge portal. Once you’ve got your login details, you can book appointments for the various services offered. If you haven’t been contacted by a coach and have already left NAB, please send an email to with your personal contact details and a coach will make contact with you.

How long are NAB The Bridge services available for? Is there flexibility in when I can start using NAB The Bridge (i.e. if I take a break first)?

You’ll have access to NAB The Bridge services for six months. This starts from your official leaving date, however if you plan on taking an extended break first, it’s recommended you make contact with NAB The Bridge team before you leave to register your Bridge start date.

Is there opportunity for the support to continue beyond the six months?

If you start using NAB The Bridge services within six months of your employment end date, some services will still be accessible beyond six months if required. Your coach will be able to support you with this and help determine what support is required.

What if I choose to take a break before accessing NAB The Bridge? When does the six months access begin? Can this be delayed?

If you start using NAB The Bridge services within six months of your employment end date, some services will still be accessible beyond six months if required. We recommend you make contact with NAB The Bridge team before you leave to register your Bridge start date.

Your coach will be able to support you with this and help determine what support is required.

How will I access NAB The Bridge if I am not located in Melbourne or Sydney?

At the moment, we have a NAB The Bridge Centre in Melbourne, with Sydney opening soon, but those in other locations can access NAB The Bridge services virtually through our portal which has lots of online tools and resources available. Where possible, coaches will be available to meet with you in most capital cities.

Alternatively you'll be able to work out a way to connect with your coach that works best for you including phone, online or video.

The same applies for people in Melbourne and Sydney; you do not need to access The Bridge Centres to access the services of NAB The Bridge, these are available to you in whatever way works best for you.

Where are NAB The Bridge Centres located?

At this stage, there is a NAB The Bridge Centre in the CBD of Melbourne, with another opening in Sydney soon:

  • 555 Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000, VIC
  • 77 King St, Sydney, 2000, NSW

Can I access NAB The Bridge as soon as I have an exit date (but am still employed)?

Before you can access NAB The Bridge, you must have completed or opted out of deployment and have your exit date confirmed.

Can I access vocational training through NAB The Bridge?

Under the terms of the NAB Enterprise Agreement 2016, upon retrenchment, an employee will be offered career transition services, either an outplacement support program from NAB The Bridge, or the option to be reimbursed for vocational education or training to an amount similar to the cost of the relevant career transition services.

If you elect to take up vocational training you’ll have access to a coach meeting to help you make a decision about the training options and to discuss the vocational training reimbursement procedure.

NAB The Bridge will offer career transition workshops, but as a participant you will only be able to access either the career transition workshops or vocational training – not a combination of both.

It’s recommended to book a coaching session with a coach to best explore the options available to you.

What are the eligibility criteria for vocational training reimbursement?

Reimbursement for vocational training will only be available to people who leave NAB through redundancy.

We recommend you speak to a coach before deciding to enrol in vocational training so you can best explore the options.

If you access NAB The Bridge career transition workshops, you will not be eligible for further vocational training.

Training needs to be provided by a Registered Training Organisation and any affiliated institutions listed in the Government National Register on Vocational and Educational Training (VET) in Australia.

Which training organisations are eligible for vocational training reimbursements?

If the provider does not appear on the Register on as a 'current' provider, an application for reimbursement may be declined.

This Register is the Government's authoritative source of information on training packages, qualifications, accredited courses, units of competency, skill sets and Registered Training Organisations.

In addition, NAB will provide vocational training reimbursements for a small number of specialist training providers including:

  • Open University
  • AICD – Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • DDLS P/L
  • PM – Partners
  • Being Human
  • LEAN Sigma Institute
  • Gabrielle Dolan Consulting
  • ALC Education & Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)

If you are unsure about the provider, please seek advice from your Future Ready Coach prior to enrolment and payment.

What is the reimbursement cap for vocational training?

The reimbursement cap varies based on an employee's salary group. Your coach will be able to discuss the reimbursement limit available to you.

What happens to my NAB products once my employment finishes?

All NAB product benefits (lending, credit cards and insurance) that an individual holds upon retrenchment are maintained until one of the following occurs:

a) The individual chooses to renegotiate arrangements;

b) The contract/policy expires; or

c) NAB’s normal cycle of product review results in change.

What will happen to any shares held in Trust at the time of retrenchment?

Once your employment with NAB ends, the treatment of your unvested employee equity is determined by the NAB Board and may be different depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. Generally, when your employment with NAB ends by way of retrenchment, you will be allowed to retain, either partially or fully, most unvested equity (i.e. shares or performance rights which remain in restriction) awarded under a NAB employee equity plan, subject to the terms and conditions of the plan. Retention of equity may trigger a tax event and you should contact your tax adviser for further advice. To access further information please contact Computershare on 1300 556 324.

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