Benefits and features

Keep your cash flowing

Keep your capital in your business without having to purchase vehicles.

Less admin

Spend less time on vehicle management and maintenance paperwork, with the simplicity of a fixed monthly rental.

Reduce risk

FleetPartners are responsible for the vehicle and managing end-of-lease options, so there’s no depreciation or residual risk.

Advantages of FleetPartners

  • Take advantage of FleetPartners' purchasing power through dealer relationships.
  • Flexible end of lease options.
  • Access FleetPartners' customer service directly, gaining access to information on FBT management, vehicle selection, driver training and accident management.

What you need to know

Loan terms

  • Minimum term is one year.
  • Maximum term is five years.

Both options depend on vehicle type.


  • Cars, vans, utilities, small trucks and other light commercial vehicles.


  • FleetPartners own the asset and leases it to the company for use by the employee as their company car. FleetPartners is responsible for the vehicle's residual value at the end of the lease and assumes the maintenance risk subject to fair wear and tear and excess kilometres.

What it costs

Important information

Depending on your circumstances and needs, NAB may refer you to FleetPartners who can assist you and your employees with options. After NAB’s referral, you or your employees will deal directly with FleetPartners. They will continue to be your point of contact for service and support.

FleetPartners is the provider of the fully maintained novated leasing and small fleet operating leasing products and services. NAB does not make any representation in regards to, and on behalf of FleetPartners concerning its products, service or its application processes.

NAB will be paid a commission by Fleet Partners if you obtain a Lease as a result of a referral. NAB staff members may also be entitled to receive additional monetary or non-monetary benefits and/or rewards as a result of a referral.

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