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The quick and easy way to expand your business.

Subject to eligibility criteria and important information below.1

Here's what you get

  • Certainty of a fixed interest rate
  • A loan term generally between 12 and 60 months

Eligibility criteria

  • Your business has a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • You intend to use the product mostly for business purposes.

What can you finance?

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Cars, utes and vans

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Heavy vehicles

Trucks, trailers and buses

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Agricultural equipment

Tractors, trowels, cultivators and more

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Construction and access equipment

Excavators, loaders, forklifts, scissor lifts and more

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Other equipment

Computers, fitouts and manufacturing

What it'll cost to get started

$0 Upfront deposit

For most purchases, no deposit is required – this will be assessed upon application.

$0 Monthly fees

No additional monthly fees for maintaining your Vehicle or Equipment Loan.

$500 Initial set up fee

Includes $475 Documentation and Settlement fee and $25 Personal Property Securities Registration and Maintenance Fee.2

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Use our quote tool to discover what your rate will be. Rates vary depending on what you're looking to buy, so let us tailor a solution for you.

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  • Step 3 Sign documents

    Once you’ve provided us with the final invoice we’ll email you the paperwork to sign.

  • Step 4 Collect your vehicle or equipment

    Once all documents are received and your vehicle or equipment is ready to be collected, we’ll pay the supplier.

How Michael uses his equipment loan

Saving money with equipment finance

Learn how Michael Read, Managing Director of Recyclable Packaging is leveraging Vehicle and Equipment Finance as a cost-effective way to grow.

Still have questions?

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Your business has a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • You intend to use the product mostly for business purposes.
  • Additional criteria apply for online applications – see below.

What do I need to apply online?

Fast online conditional approval is subject to eligibility, credit assessment, lending criteria and ID verification.

You can read the full eligibility criteria online.

How’s interest charged?

We calculate interest charges by applying the relevant fixed interest rate to the projected monthly outstanding loan balance on the assumption that you will pay the instalment amounts on each payment date.

You can obtain information about these rates from us on request.

Are there any other fees?

Additional fees may apply if:

  • You already own the vehicle or equipment
  • You are purchasing the vehicle or equipment from a person or business that:
    • Does not have an ABN, or
    • Is not registered for GST, or
    • Does not generally sell this type of equipment as part of their normal course of business
  • You are purchasing specialised equipment
  • You want to make a change to the loan after it has been drawn down

Full details can be found in our Fees & Charges guide.

How can I structure repayments?

We offer a range of flexible repayment structures including monthly, quarterly, seasonal or tailored to your business.

What are my purchase options?

You have the freedom to purchase new or used, through a dealer or privately.

What if I've already made the purchase?

If you’ve already purchased the vehicle or equipment, it’s not too late – we can still set up a loan and reimburse you for the cost. Contact us to find out how.

What if I'm making multiple purchases?

If you have a number of vehicle or equipment purchases to make throughout the year, we can set you up with a limit to save you applying multiple times. Contact us to learn more.

Who owns the vehicle or equipment?

Your business owns the vehicle or equipment. We take out a mortgage on it as security for your loan.

What are the tax benefits?

Interest expense on the financing and depreciation on the asset may be deductible.

We recommend that you seek independent tax advice.

How much turnover does my business need?

The minimum annual turnover requirement for a NAB QuickBiz Loan is at least $75,000 per year. We want to make it easier for your business to apply and help you access funds sooner.

How do I apply?

Applying for a vehicle or equipment loan can be a bit confusing the first time. Luckily we have created a step by step guide for what you can expect throughout the process as well as information on what you’ll need for a successful application outcome.

Other options that may interest you

Finance Lease

Rent the vehicle or equipment your business needs and return it at the end of the lease.

car garage

Novated Lease

Choose the vehicle you want with salary packaging, providing a range of benefits for businesses and employees.

truck terminal

Hire Purchase

Get the vehicle or equipment your business needs with no upfront deposit and own it at the end of the hire period.

Important information

Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply (available on application).

The tax comments provided in this document are of a general nature. NAB recommends that you seek independent tax advice in respect of the tax consequences arising from the use of any NAB Equipment Finance solution as they apply to your particular circumstances.

These products are issued by National Australia Bank Ltd ABN 12 004 044 937.


13.49% pa online fixed rate applies to:

Approved Vehicle & Equipment Loan applications that are quoted online:

  • with loan amounts up to $150,000; and
  • for new or used cars, vans and utes; and
  • with loan terms of up to 5 years for new assets and 3 years for used assets; and
  • with no balloon (end of term lump sum payment)

Loan must be drawn down within 35 days from the date of our online quote.

Vehicle and equipment loans are subject to approval. Standard Vehicle & Equipment Loan terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.

Online decisions are subject to eligibility, credit assessment, lending criteria and ID verification. You can read the full eligibility criteria online.

3.49% online fixed rate is available from 1 March 2021, remains valid until withdrawn and is subject to change without notice.

$0 deposit on loans up to $150K; you can provide an additional deposit if you wish, this will reduce the repayments.

Tax invoices should be provided by the dealer and note, that private sales require extra time to conduct an inspection and valuation.

2$500 fee applicable only to loans approved online.

The Personal Property Securities Registration and Maintenance fee is payable for each asset you purchase and finance.
Additional fees may apply, refer to our Business Banking Fees and Charges and Interest rates, fees and charges for more information.

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