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Vehicle and equipment finance is a smart tool to help your business run at its best. We can help you finance the things you need, allowing you to keep your capital in your business. Here are a few basics when it comes to financing your business equipment or vehicles.

Flexible repayments

We work with you to structure a repayment schedule that suits your cash flow. If most of your sales occur during summer you can choose to make more of your repayments at this time. So during winter, your repayments would be adjusted accordingly.

Tax benefits


Usually the interest component is higher at the start of an agreement, which can lead to higher deductions during this period. Under certain products, your rental payments may be treated as a tax-deductible expense, to the extent the asset is used in your business.


Over time, most assets depreciate in value, so you may be eligible for a tax deduction on the annual depreciation of your asset. You can generally claim depreciation and interest as a tax deduction with an Equipment loan or Hire purchase agreement, to the extent the asset is used in your business.

Important information

The tax comments provided in this document are of a general nature. NAB recommends that you seek independent advice.

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