Steps to get images of cheques

You can retrieve images of cheque and credit slip vouchers deposited over the counter, or cheques drawn from your account. There are two options for accessing the vouchers. 

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started.

From the Vouchers menu

  1. From the Services tab select ‘Voucher (cheque images)’.
  2. Select the Voucher type drop-down arrow and select which vouchers you want to view.
  3. In the Date from and Date To fields, type or select the date or date range of when the original voucher was presented.
  4. Add any of the optional files to narrow your search. You must add at least one additional field.
    1. DRN: Document number – trace number allocated by the negotiating bank.
    2. BSB from/to: if exact BSB isn’t known, use BSB range.
    3. Account number: Account from which the cheque was negotiated, or the deposit received.
    4. AuxDom: Cheque number for debit transactions or items lodged for credit transactions.
    5. Amount $ from/to: if exact amount isn’t known, use amount range.
    6. ExAuxDom: Debit – unique number provided by the voucher initiator.
  5. Select Display. The Voucher images screen displays containing all vouchers matching your criteria.
  6. Use the radio button to select the voucher image you require.
  7. Select View to see the voucher or associated items for items related to the voucher.
  8. Select Return to Results to select and view another voucher.

From your account transaction history

  1. From the Accounts menu, select ‘Transaction history’.
  2. Select the account and date range during which the cheque was deposited. The narrative type will display as ‘CASH AND/OR CHEQUES’.
  3. Select the hyperlink to view the voucher.
    • If you want to view the back of the voucher, select the overleaf icon.
    • You can view associated items using the dropdown.
    • To return to the 'Transaction history' screen, close the section by selecting the button marked with an X.

Please note

If you want to print the screen, you will need to use your browser options.

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