6 tips for how to make sure you get paid on time - without hassles.

1. Accurate and timely invoicing

Ensuring you issue accurate and timely invoices with appropriate documentation, such as delivery dockets and purchase orders, will help prevent unnecessary delays.

2. Discounts for early payments

Explore options such as discounts for early payments. And why not negotiate the same with your suppliers?

3. Give your customers payment options

Giving your customers payment options helps you to receive payments on time.

4. Use an interest bearing business account

Use an interest bearing business account for your surplus funds, linked to a transaction account and managed online. This gives you greater control over your money.

5. Constant communication

Constant communication with your customers and regular follow ups are crucial to getting invoices paid on time.

6. Develop an action plan for overdue invoices

Develop an action plan for overdue invoices. Consider your customer's situation, but get some sort of financial commitment for full payment or a payment plan.

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