The 3 C's of credit assessment

The 3 C's of credit assessment

Kochie and David Bannantyne, General Manager of NAB Small Business, discuss what you should consider when applying for a business loan. All loan applications are subject to rigorous credit process, so it’s important you’re well prepared and know what’s expected of you. We want to help you secure the right loan for your business needs. We'll work with you to ensure everything we require from you is crystal clear. To ease the anxiety that can come with the process, remember these 3 C’s of credit analysis: character, cash flow and collateral--information that will enable us to determine the right finance option for your business.


Tell us about yourself: who you are, how well do you understand the business and how well have you defined your goals.

Cash flow

Have you got enough cash to repay the loan, pay your wages and keep the business going?


We need to know about your security. Assets such as premises, even stocks and shares.

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