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Customer Case Study - Limousines in Paradise

Meet Trevor and Joanne, owners of Limousines in Paradise, at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. When Joanne and Trevor got married, it seemed inevitable that Trevor's love of cars and Joanne's experience in tourism would lead to Limousines in Paradise. What began as a one car operation is now a rapidly expanding business which runs 14 cars and employs 16 people.

Customer service and building referrals are a key focus for the business, and therefore Joanne and Trevor ensure they always seek feedback and build their brand through social media, search marketing (Google AdWords) and online reviews on sites like Google and TripAdvisor.

Search marketing is something Joanne has largely looked after for the business, however with expansion she has found it easier to delegate this to a specialist. As a result their spend on search marketing has not changed, but has instead become more effective.

You'll also hear about the challenges the business faces - namely sourcing the right cars. A seasonal demand and requirement for a full fleet of car types, many of which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, means that finance is vital.

Their local business banker has supported them throughout their fleet growth and is also helping them explore other options such as licensing.

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