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Kochie's Business Builders visits long-term NAB Business customer Erick Joosten at his business E&C Joinery in Pakenham Victoria.

Erick manufactures and supplies joinery to property and commercial customers across Victoria. The business has been established for over 20 years and Erick puts their success down to carefully planning and staying 'conservative'. He believes in spending within your means and avoiding being too extravagant when times are good. Erick says "Don’t spend what you haven't got" referring to the impact bad purchasing decisions could have on a business should the market climate change. One of the biggest lessons Erick has learnt was to look after your team as "you’re only as good as your staff".

This foundation has paid dividends over the years and that common respect between the staff and Erick is mutually beneficial. The other key pillar of E&C Joinery’s success is the belief that "if you do right by the people, the work will come back". He believes honesty is the best policy and being fair to customers by only charging the value of the job. A key piece of advice from Erick to small businesses is “Fulfil your commitment no matter what the outcome is".

E&C Joinery has been a business customer of NAB for over 15 years. In that time Erick describes the relationship with his bank as being "tremendous" and sees NAB as a trusted partner. He credits NAB for truly understanding his business and what makes it tick, and supporting him with his varied business requirements.

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