Credit card insurances

Insuring you for unexpected events

NAB Credit Card Cover is designed to help you with your credit card payments in the event of involuntary unemployment, critical illness, disability or your death.

If you already have a credit card with us you can apply online for NAB Credit Card Cover.

Making a claim on your complimentary credit card insurance

Purchase Protection Insurance

If something you've bought with your credit card is lost or stolen, it might be covered by Purchase Protection Insurance. However, this is not available on the NAB Low Rate Card.

The insurer is QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. You can make a claim by calling 1800 187 025.

NAB Card Insurance

NAB Premium and NAB flybuys Rewards card holders receive seven complimentary insurances. When you purchase a minimum of $500 of your pre-paid transportation costs (including by air, rail, road or watercraft) and/or accommodation and/or organised land tour costs all of which are inclusive of any charges, fees and/or taxes on your NAB Premium or NAB flybuys Rewards Card, you could be covered if your overseas travel is cancelled, or you suffer from illness or become disabled while you're travelling overseas. There's also cover for lost luggage and documents, rental vehicle accidents, and some missed connections.

The insurer is QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. You can make a claim by calling 1800 187 025.

For emergency and medical assistance while travelling overseas contact QBE Insurance on a reverse charge call to Australia: +61 3 8523 2800.

For policies activated prior to 1 June 2014, please contact Chubb Insurance directly on 1800 788 566.

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