Buy now pay later for expenses and bills

Life comes with many expenses. Some we expect while others often come at the worst possible time.

Sometimes things just happen. Cars break down, pets get sick or your bills come in all at once. These all put stress on your household budget. From phone bills and streaming services to groceries and medical bills, NAB Now Pay Later can assist with managing your monthly budget throughout the year.

Emergency vet bills

Our pets are important members of the family. There’s nothing worse than when a beloved pet suddenly falls sick or has an accident. Whether your overly curious puppy eats something it shouldn’t or your cat comes down with a mystery illness, vet bills can add up fast.

NAB Now Pay Later can help split these surprise expenses into four easy repayments, lessening the burden and stress of paying one upfront bill.

Emergency medical and dental

Sports are a part of Australian culture. From cricket to footy to snowboarding, we all love getting outdoors and having a go. But no matter how careful we are, accidents can and do happen. You might have all your monthly bills paid but you didn’t factor in fixing a chipped tooth.

NAB Now Pay Later lets you split the bill so you don’t have to stress about emergency medical expenses.

Everyday living expenses

Not every bill you get is an emergency. There are a lot of everyday living expenses to keep your home and life running. Think electricity, gas, water, insurance, phone bills, groceries, council rates and car registration, all on top of basic living expenses like food, rent or mortgage repayments. And there’s nothing worse than when all those bills come in at once.

Don’t choose between groceries or bills. NAB Now Pay Later helps you keep your life running smoothly by splitting household expenses into fortnightly repayments.

Budgeting with NAB Now Pay Later

You are never too old or too young to start budgeting. Keeping on top of your expenses is easier than you think. There are a few simple ways you can manage your budget.

Set up a budget

The first step to great budgeting is to understand your spending. We often spend more a month than we realise, especially when we count in our monthly bills. By tracking your spending, you can see exactly where your money going. You can track your spending in the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking. Or you can also use our budget calculator to help you stay on top of monthly expenses.

Manage your spending

Once you have worked out your monthly budget, you can manage your monthly spending by using NAB Now Pay Later. It is useful for trimming down your spending, especially in the case of large purchases, like your annual insurance premium or your car service.

NAB Now Pay Later allows you to break these big purchases into easy-to-manage instalments, so you don’t need to stress about paying the total amount up front. NAB Now Pay Later also doesn’t come with any interest charges, monthly account fees or late fees. We’ll even send you a reminder the day before your next repayment is due to help keep you on track.

It’s all about finding a balance. You can use NAB Now Pay Later for larger bills you want to split into repayments, and use your debit or credit card for more regular purchases.

Plan ahead

A great way to keep ahead of expenses is to plan for emergencies. Though we hope we’ll never need it, an emergency fund can be invaluable for life’s major expenses.

Planning ahead is also a great way to handle repayments. NAB Now Pay Later repayments are usually due every second week. This means you can make sure repayments fit within your budget. For example, if you’re paid fortnightly, you can time a NAB Now Pay Later purchase so that each repayment is due after you get paid. This way you can account for it in your budget each fortnight and be confident you’ll have the money ready in your linked account.

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