Be prepared with NAB Now Pay Later

If you’re planning on doing some travelling or taking a holiday, you’ve probably been budgeting. Comparing flight prices, hunting for good value accommodation, maybe even breaking down what you intend on spending each day of your trip.

However, you can’t plan for everything. You might have an unexpected expense pop up, or a flurry of bills come all at once. If this happens, it’s good to have options like NAB Now Pay Later so that you don’t have to put your trip on hold.

Before you leave 

Flights can be expensive and outlaying this amount of money poses a big challenge. NAB Now Pay Later lets you split purchases into four equal payments, with only the first of these required up front. The remaining three payments are due each following fortnight, giving you control over your cashflow.

This also means that if you see a great deal on flights or accommodation, you can book it on the spot without worrying whether you have enough money in your account to cover it straight away. You can also be confident that your transactions are safe and secure thanks to NAB Now Pay Later’s dynamic CVV technology, which protects against scams and fraud.

While you’re travelling

You can take advantage of NAB Now Pay Later during your trip too. It’s great peace of mind to know you can turn up to your hotel, pay for a portion of the total amount then cover the rest in three instalments over the next six weeks.

This helps you smooth out your expenses and avoid breaking your budget, which in turn allows you to stay away from using your savings to pay for anything.

It’s not just limited to accommodation either – you can do the same for eating out and shopping. Plus, there’s no interest and you don’t have to worry about international transaction fees or account fees.

Tips for using NAB Now Pay Later overseas

Spend within your means

Even though it’s great to have the option of buying now and paying later, try not to get carried away. If you find yourself making purchases that you wouldn’t normally make with a regular debit card, it’s worth considering whether it’s one you can afford.

Find a balance

Some people like to spread their spending across different accounts. You could use NAB Now Pay Later for larger purchases like accommodation, and your regular credit or debit card for smaller, more regular purchases like food and drink.

Always plan for emergencies

Be prepared if anything goes wrong while you’re travelling. Having back up means of payment (this could be another card or cash in the local currency) and enough money to account for unexpected issues.

Explore buy now pay later

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