How to increase or decrease your credit limit

Use the NAB app

You can request an increase or decrease to your personal credit card limit in the NAB app. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the latest version of the NAB app.
  2. Go to the My cards menu.
  3. Select your card.
  4. Select Usage controls and then Change your credit limit.

Use NAB Internet Banking (desktop)

When opened on your desktop, NAB Internet Banking offers the ability to increase or decrease your credit card limit. Follow these easy instructions.

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking.
  2. Go to the My cards menu.
  3. Select your card.
  4. Select Change my credit card limit.

If you don’t have the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking, you can visit your local branch or call 13 22 65.  These are our contact centre operating hours.

  • Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm (AEST/AEDT)
  • Saturday from 7:00am to 6:00pm (AEST/AEDT)
  • Sunday from 9:00am to 6:00pm (AEST/AEDT)


Changing a business credit card limit

If you have a business or corporate card, you can contact the Corporate and Business Servicing team on 13 10 12.

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm (AEST/AEDT)
  • Saturday to Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm (AEST/AEDT)

Or speak to your relationship manager, if you have one.

What's the credit limit change process?

Credit limit increases

For credit card limit increase requests, you’ll be asked to provide information on:

  • current employment
  • income (before and after tax)
  • assets, liabilities and expenses.

This will include providing proof of income documentation (e.g pay slips). We use this information to make sure the increased credit limit suits your circumstances.

We’ll then verify the information and assess your request. That usually takes a few days.

Once we've done an assessment, we may need to call you for more information or check the information you already gave us. We'll do our best to let you know the outcome within a week

Credit limit decreases

You can decrease your credit limit instantly using the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking. If you visit your local branch or call us to request the change, this may take longer.

If you’re decreasing your credit limit, you can't go any lower than your current balance or the minimum product limit as follows:

  • Signature cards: $15,000
  • Platinum/Premium cards: $6,000
  • other cards: $1,000.


Tips to manage your credit limit

Your credit card offers great flexibility: flexibility to manage your cash flow, purchases and repayments. But, like all debts, you have to repay it by maintaining the payments outlined in your contract.

Let us know if you'd like another copy of your credit card contract by calling 13 22 65.

Pay more than your minimum payment

We set a credit limit based on your circumstances and ability to pay. It's used to help you avoid overspending.

It's important to make sure you manage your balance so the repayment you choose to make is within your budget.

The minimum payment amount due on your statement is just that - it's the least you must pay to keep your account in order.

You have the option of paying more than the minimum payment amount due. By paying more you'll reduce the amount of interest you accrue on the amounts owing, e.g. individual purchases and cash advances, until they are repaid in full.

Stop and call us if you get into trouble

If you find you're unable to make repayments within your budget, or foresee changes in your personal circumstances that may affect your ability to make your repayments, the first thing to do is stop using your card immediately.

Then, please contact us on 13 22 65. We may be able to restructure your payments or work out a repayment plan to help you manage and ultimately clear your debt. You might also want to consider reducing your credit limit.

Here are some other ways to help you manage your credit card debt.

Important information

Consider the NAB Internet Banking terms and conditions which apply when using NAB Internet Banking and the NAB app, before making any decisions regarding these products. The NAB app is compatible with Android™ and iOS, minimum platform requirements apply. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. Products issued by NAB.